How to use AI to build better experiences!

Your customer experience can be your biggest differentiator.

So how do you use AI create a better experience that works both ways – for your staff and for your customers? How do you redefine the way that you work, think and deliver your products and services, which are nothing more than the vehicle that delivers your customer experience! How do you use AI to define an experience that differentiates you and make sure that you stay ahead of the competitive pack?

Video Transcript

Brett St Clair
Welcome to Today’s question is all about, can you use AI to build better experiences for your customer, for your staff? Incredibly important question, right, Mike?

Michael Cowen
Absolutely. Brett, you know, probably the easiest way to answer this, is to look at the old classic example of Uber. They were able to reduce the friction of taking a taxi, you know, they converted the model. But ultimately, what they were able to do was to reduce the friction, and they were able to use AI to make this a reality. So the answer is a no brainer. I think everyone will get that. The question is, how do you do it in your organisation? Where’s the friction, and what friction do you have to get rid of because if you can reduce it for your stuff, you’re going to be able to reduce it for your customer, you reduce it for your customer, you’re going to make your stuff far more efficient and effective. That’s my thought on it. Right? Simple in a minute.

Brett St Clair
It’s definitely cyclical, right? And everyone really never thinks about the internal process. Everyone thinks about map and how will make the customer experience better. What we’ve seen is by focusing on your own processes internally, that’s where the real challenge is. I always remember the bank right? Our focus was to onboard customers digitally. The problem was we had to kind of hide our internal processes, which was a temporary fix. What we ended up needing to do was to completely reinvent our internal processes and that can be done by digitising the process. Once you’ve digitalized it, then you can start looking at the data that’s coming through because a lot of processes are being run. It attempts in many many different ways. for very good reasons, but you can use artificial intelligence to start stripping out the problem areas. And it’ll help you focus on the right processes. It’s the ones that impact the customer the most. Those are the ones you need to focus on, Mike.

Michael Cowen
You know what just a final thought for me on this, I just think back to an experience and I’ve often used this as an example, Amazon was able to fix a Kindle overnight when it was broken. And I dealt with a call centre in Ireland, US based company. A new Kindle was delivered to my front door overnight, whereas our local companies, cannot even deliver the quality of that kind of experience. And when it comes down to the experience, in many cases, it might be your most critical differentiator between you and your customer. And if you can use AI to differentiate the quality of the experience, your competition is always going to be following you, and trying to copy the quality of your experience in their experience. And you know what? There’s no better compliment than being copied.

Brett St Clair
Agreed. I think it’s a nice note to wrap up on when you build a great experience. You’re actually building trust.

Michael Cowen
You are building trust. Beautiful, Brett.Bye.

Brett St Clair
Thanks, guys.

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Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF and co-host on the ThinkWTF Podcast. I focus on helping business build systems to respond to exponential change and thrive. You can book my keynotes on WTF Keynotes

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