How We BOT Your Enterprise: Transfer

Making meaningful change doesn’t come without its challenges. This is even more true in the tech space, where legacy infrastructures and antiquated ways of working act as the ultimate barrier to entry in our increasingly digital world.

As an AI-enablement firm, we’ve seen these obstacles time and again across a range of industries. Banking. Aviation. Healthcare. You name it. 

Even those that you’d expect to have a clear roadmap and be right at the top of their game are struggling to adapt and succeed in advancing their tech stacks. 

As a modern IT company, our mission is to guide enterprises to a place of excellence. A position where innovation, scalability and resilience are common practice.

That’s why we use BOT to act as our guardrail.

BOT: Build. Optimise. Transfer.

The term BOT stands for Build, Optimise and Transfer.

While Build and Optimise are just as important, we touch on these two concepts in our workshops. Which you can find out more about over here.

Our goal today is to have you understand our Transfer process.

Which essentially serves the purpose of transferring the necessary knowledge and skills to a client’s engineering and technical teams.

We apply it in both the first and final stages of any project that we undertake. That way, we ensure a smooth hand-off, or transfer, of the necessary expertise and know-how to run and manage the various tools and systems that we implement. 

This is How Transfer Works

Although a fairly simple concept to understand, the Transfer process consists of multiple layers. 

This multi-layered approach ensures that we are involving the correct amount of employees from all ends, that our transferral process begins at Sprint Zero, and that we provide the necessary leadership to oversee the delivery. 

Transfer Begins At Sprint Zero 

The first transfer happens at the very beginning of any project. We never just hand over ready-to-use code and get started. We believe that the person who built the code should run the code.

This means that 

We even manage to adhere to this in banking environments, which are structured with separate teams running as siloed departments. For example, Business, Build and Run are all separate teams. This creates bottlenecks and miscommunication, resulting in the log-tossing of code. It’s being thrown around everywhere. 

To achieve a comfortable transfer, we focus on the Squad Makeup and Leadership.

1. Squad Makeup

We insist that our clients have a minimum of 20% of the overall squad made up of their own team. 

There is no getting around this. We provide expertise that help architect, design and speed up development. By ensuring that our clients bring a share of their engineers into the squad, we’re able to properly manage the Transfer from beginning to end. 

2. Squad Leadership 

We provide the Scrum Master, the Tech Lead and Account Management. That way, we are able to deliver high-quality code that meets our clients expectations and provide the necessary skills throughout the project.

It’s important to note that we do not provide product ownership. This has to come from the client and has to be someone who understands the business and the vision, knows the key stakeholders and has the ability to remove bottlenecks, to help streamline the process.

We do, however, have one designated Product Owner that we use to help guide and mentor Product Owners for clients. As this is often a new concept in most businesses.

3. Documentation 

Proper documentation and a clearly detailed architecture is key throughout the entire project. 

We often help clients backward-engineer platforms and design future-proof architectures to best practice. This makes it essential that all decisions and changes are tracked and documented. As well as that any architectures are checked and validated before hand-off.

Being that all businesses will eventually become data-driven and have the ability to leverage the power of AI, we ensure the technology rebuild will be executed in a way that ready’s the client for this world. 

Our mantra is ‘We Make AI work’, after all.

More On How We Work

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Dying to Know More About How We BOT Your Enterprise?

Hold your horses. 

We get you. It’s exciting stuff.

As you can see, nobody loves tech as much as we do. The love runs so deep, in fact, that we want to share it with everyone. We want to help shape the future by giving enterprises the necessary talent, skill and capability to dominate in a digital-driven world.

If our Transfer process has arrested your attention and you need to know more, keep an eye on our posts!

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