If you’re done with firefighting…

Are you done with the constant firefighting? 

With the instability? With the risk? 

Every business puts in some form of effort to find the time, rationale, and priority to fix their underlying firefighting issues. Yet, it’s the same problems day in and day out.

If you’re over the firefighting, here are 3 tips to get you on the right path. 

Tip #1 is to start with your network and infrastructure. 

Whether it’s the SMB or larger, enterprise business, the fires generally start with the network and the infrastructure.

It’s old. It’s out of date. It’s clunky.

The way we need to tackle this is to get the compute and storage loads off of your on-prem environment. An environment which is incredibly difficult to maintain and keep up and running.

That same environment that’s causing 90% of your problems. 

Get it into a cloud provider. So you can get a stable space that frees up at least 30-40% of your team’s time.

Tip #2 is ensuring that you have a safe, resilient environment.

Yes. Many businesses might have some backup and disaster recovery in place. But they barely use it. 

Often, it’s not working. It hasn’t even been tested.

Look at the areas that aren’t backed up, then test that they can be backed up and can be restored. So that if you’re ever in a position that you’re hacked or have to deal with a ransomware attack, you can instantly fire the right environment up in a separate space.

Preferably in the cloud.

Because backup and DR to the cloud offers an incredibly safe environment, helping to de-risk each move you make on the path to rebuilding your technology stacks.

Tip #3 is understanding your data.

So many businesses have varied analytics telling them how their infrastructure and applications are running. 

Or what data is in their environment. Or what features are, or aren’t, in use. 

Start using telemetry.

98% of the businesses that we come across have very little telemetry.

Put in the ability to see. Know which features end-users use the most. Have greater visibility. If you are going to pilot a plane, you need instrumentation. 

If you have any other ideas, or thoughts, please drop them below.

We’ll keep adding to it! Let’s make it six. Let’s make it nine.

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