Making AI Work Podcast #001 – Hatim Abdulhussein

“Let’s think differently. Let’s use technology effectively and let’s create a better future”.

We sat down with Health Education England’s Clinical Fellow in AI and Robotics, Hatim Abdulhussein to explore the impact of emerging technologies on healthcare. 

It’s an insight-packed episode where we discuss technological maturity in the health sector, innovation and empathy-based problem solving. 

Abdulhussein works for Health Education England, an education and training institution responsible for health workers all across England. As a Clinical Lead to Digital, AI and Robotic technologies, he recognises the importance of technology in optimising the health sector.

“I work for an organization called Health Education England. They are responsible for education and training for all of our health care professionals. Be those doctors, nurses… every sort of healthcare professional under the sun”.

“We recognize that if we want to make the National Health Service (NHS) as effective as possible, we need to use technology effectively. And one of those technologies that we recognize as going to change the way we work is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and data-driven technologies”.

Maturity of Transformation in the UK Health Sector

While digital transformation is becoming increasingly popular, many industries are still lagging behind. 

And the UK health sector has been no different. 

“It’s probably behind other sectors from what the evidence shows and that’s always because of investment”.

“And, of course, the sort of evidence that’s needed to use any of these technologies… They have to be at a really high standard before we use them. They’ve got to make sure that you’re delivering safe patient care. So it is behind and it’s behind probably for those reasons, but there’s now a big drive for us to see the potential benefit of it”.

More on Ethics, Transformation and Empathy

This MAIW episode is packed with intriguing insights and will most likely leave you with something to think about.

Give it a listen, start a conversation and share any feedback that you have with us.

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