Making AI Work Podcast #002 – Anil Awasthi

“I think the idea of data being the new oil is still quite skiddy, because it’s so darn messy, at the moment”.

The road to AI has multiple layers: of trust, accountability and clean data. Globant’s Sr. Client Partner, Anil Awasthi shares his views on the journey to digital transformation, while unpacking customer relationships and ethics in AI. 

the ideal starting point for your AI journey

“When you want to get into this AI journey. I think one of the biggest points is your clear objectives… You really are running like a headless chicken… trying to get all the data.”

“But why do you need all the data? What are you going to do with that data? Is that data really clean? Is there enough to start making the models you want? So it’s a clear objective right from the top.” 

The Importance of Data

“Data is no more an enabler function. It is a core function. There is a shift in the industry happening where data is getting prioritized. I wouldn’t say the data is the new oil and all that, but it is certainly a process thing that you need to be constantly working with.”

What Are the Biggest Insights That You’ve Seen in the Market?

“Since COVID, the immediate reaction was “how are we going to serve the customers?”. You can’t have any more physical contact with the customer. Branches are closing down. You can’t meet face to face… I think the industry has done a fantastically great deal, thanks to all the cloud technology and the other cool [technology], which was there”.

“You’ve got to adapt with the new demands and new data, which is generated for each one of us. And… still make sure that the people get credit and they’re treated fairly. So creating the new models, new sets of data, and considering how fair it is. All of that has happened in the last two years… And there is a big receptivity”.

More on Regulations, Customer Relationships and Starting Your AI Journey

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