Making AI Work Podcast #003 – Jimmi Jakobsen

“So you need to be part of the wave now. Otherwise you’re going to slack behind everybody else. And you’re going to have a disadvantage with your competitors, who have been there from the beginning.”

Carbon & Finch CEO and Founder, Jimmi Jakobsen talked to us about market maturity within the field of AI and digital transformation, the challenges around building JeffreyAI and the way in which negotiations going back to basics (between AI agents).

AI Becoming Increasingly Market-Mature 

“You need to think about your strategy for it [AI] going forward. That’s the message I want to bring to businesses that are looking at a long-term strategy.”

“There will be some that have spent millions and millions… in making AI a lot more market-mature and ready to approach [the] market a lot quicker than most businesses realize. And I think that is going to be a shock for a lot of businesses. When it really rolls out, it’s going to be a shock if you’re not ready for it.”

Get In Early Before AI Becomes More Costly…

“If you don’t get on the bandwagon now, you might lose out very soon. And what I mean by that is that as AI gets more and more clever, it will naturally cost more and more for people who onboard.”

“But if you have been part of the whole progress from the beginning and you can protect your license, suddenly you will benefit from it, not just from having been a user, but also having access to an AI that now will cost 10 times more in license than it did before.”

…And Then Gets Cheaper

“…Then eventually AI will become cheap again, but it will go up in price very quickly. And then it will start slowly to come down as the market matures within AI technologies. When it starts to get to that point where it flattens out in terms of price competitiveness, there will be enough AIs out there that you will start seeing AIs negotiating with each other.

“But they will negotiate based on price, how close you are to your customer, how quick you can deliver your product. And we are back to exactly the same framework we assume in trade today. So we’re going to go back to basics.”

Plenty on AI Maturity, jeffreyAI and Standardisation

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