Making AI Work Podcast #005 – Tim Bond

“…If you know who your customer is and you have a good enough relationship with them, you’re then going to be able to learn from them anyway. Because you’re not relying on this third party data, you know, you’ve got that first party insight.”

Brett went solo on this episode and had a great chat with Tim Bond, Director of Content Strategy and Insight at Data & Marketing Association. This episode is packed with insights on customer ethics, where AI fits into organisations and AI maturity in marketing.

AI Maturity in Marketing

“Data has often been at the heart of everything that we do as an industry and the decisions we make…”

“As part of that, we’ve been looking at how we can start to automate and bring in some of these new technologies for a number of years now. So I’d maybe say we are slightly further ahead than other industries in some areas.” 

Customer Success & Ethics

“… I think that’s also triggered a lot of conversations around how we actually build the AI and machine learning techniques in a way that still holds to the core principle of our code of practice. Which is that you put the customer first.”

“… and building them [AI and ML techniques] with the ethical frameworks that show that you live up to the values that your brand stands for. And that you’re also treating the customer with respect and their data with respect and privacy… We’ve got lots of research to show that by treating them like that, [they] will ultimately respect you more as a brand and are more likely to engage with you long term as well, and keep coming back.”

“… within the UK, we have an incredible amount of expertise in this space. We have a lot of brands relying on that expertise… And I think that’s really important for us as an association. To make sure that we still have the ethical frameworks to do things right. But that we still also have the space to innovate and really push things forward to the betterment of customers.”

Fitting AI Into Business 

“With the technology and how it’s evolving it’s only going to get better. It’s only going to get faster and going to get more useful… There are so many places it could be used within organizations and even just within marketing functions. It’s about knowing what you’re bringing it in to do. And then how you’re building it.”

Just saying everybody needs to be AI first kind of belies the opportunity and the breadth that AI could be applied.The key for me is being able to make faster, better decisions. But still with the ability for humans to have their creativity and influence over the systems as well.”

A Whole Lot More On Ethics, AI Maturity and AI-Fitting

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