Marketing’s Greatest Opportunity: Generative AI’s Impact on Creative Agencies

Life is about timing, and taking the opportunities that come with that timing. I was recently asked to present a keynote on generative AI in front of a bunch of marketing agencies and creatives. 

My brief: How do marketers take advantage of the greatest technical advancement since the light build? 

This was about Gen AI, so I thought, let me ask ChatGPT for some help. And I got pretty much what you would Google anyway. 

But the thing that I really found quite interesting, and I think it’s a reality, is generative AI is going to grow 10x faster than AI itself.

And by the year 2030, it’s going to be well over a trillion dollar industry.

Whether this is a reality or not, I have absolutely no idea, but when I see the application and the potential, it is absolutely mind blowing. Both in terms of what we’re able to do with it and how we can effectively utilise it to change in the way that we work.

The Gen AI Opportunity is enormous. 

Which is really exciting, because I think this is truly marketing’s greatest moment. 

So what I’d like to do is take you through a process of:

  • Understanding AI and how you can leverage it.
  • How you can apply the value of AI in a way that is easy to use and easily applicable.

But it is a challenge.

It’s not an easy road ahead of you. And it’s not because of AI that it’s difficult. That’s actually the easy side of it. 

So I want to give you a very quick two minute overview of what generative AI is. If you can understand a few of these critical points, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of AI itself.

Intelligence By Machines

AI is essentially intelligence by machines. 

The problem with AI is it’s this very abstract definition and there are multiple different applications and even sub-applications to this technology.

Because of that, it’s a very complex, broad and even abstract field. 

When I chat with our clients about Make Their AI Work, there’s often a struggle to understand what we need to do. The big challenge is that they don’t know where to start. 

Because what exactly is AI? How does a business use it? What applications and use cases should they explore to justify implementing it?

So it becomes this very vague, broad, and abstract concept. 

To give you more context: Research for AI started in the 1950s, so it’s certainly not a new field of technology. It’s a well developed field of technology, and one of the subsets of the technology is this framework called machine learning. 

And machine learning by definition is when machines learn from data.

These machine learning models have been developed to a point where they are capable of learning without any human input. This technological advancement has really been driving AI up until now. The power of ML is that its very good at classifying a cat or a dog! 

Now we have Gen AI. Its super power is actually creating the cat or the dog! This changes everything for creative agencies and marketers! 

It’s this idea of creation that makes it so much more powerful.

Whether this is creating from text, images, video, code – it doesn’t matter – whats happening is it’s really learning, predicting, and understanding what’s happening in that code, and creating from that code, from the input.

Now, you’re a creative agency. You create stuff, you create content, you create videos. And this is the panic. And yes, I think you really should be panicking. 

It is important to actually have some sense of panic about this, because it will be a game changer for you going forward and it will redefine how things get created and done for years to come. 

But that’s also the opportunity. 

Remember, this is the marketing opportunity of the century. It truly is.

So, the ultimate question you should all be asking here is, how do I make use of and leverage this power as a creative? (*Keep your eyes peeled for the next part in this series of generative AI in creative agencies!)

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