Is The Most Powerful, Least Used, Least Understood CEO Tool.

And Then You Get Exponential Culture.

What is Exponential Culture

It’s the holy grail and envy of every new startup, from Google and Amazon to the new startup that’s about to eat your lunch!

It’s the fuel that rockets an exponential business to create an impact 10X greater than its peers.

It’s the code behind speed and agility and your ability to build, respond and refine as new information changes everything!

And I get to build it. Everyday!

teraflow.ai’s greatest differentiator is our ability to deliver and get our client’s AI models into production at scale.

Without incredible people working in our unique way of working we call FlowJo, we can challenge the legacy approach to technology!

This is why we love working with the Rebel Technologists! They get the need to scale AI Models and know what it takes to disrupt themselves.

Culture is subtle, often hidden, but expressed in everything you do. So how do I build, manage and adapt our own exponential culture?

Here are my three core tools:


The Structure Code: Designing Your Environment For Behavioural


The Relationship Code: The Way We Treat Each Other


The Mental Code: The Mental Agreements We Have To Make  Better Decisions

The Structure Code

Designing Your Environment For Behavioural

Agility, scale, and responsiveness to new information require a different operational structure from the traditional fixed hierarchical approach. 

This needs to be defined by your strategy. 

We use a swarm model, a network of cross-functional teams that comes together to solve specific user case problems.  

The Relationship Code

The Way We Treat Each Other

People who find meaning in micro-moments perform exponentially better than their peers who don’t. They care, which translates into the quality of work they do and the value a client gets. 

But we find meaning through each other and how we work together! 

Your strategy and structure define the type of relationships you have. For us at teraflow, the idea of being the guide rather than the hero defines our relationships. 

For most organisations, it’s the opposite, where the heroes dominate, defining the code. 

At teraflow, we have flipped how we think about relationships and
performance. This is built into our staff first culture. 

The Mental Code

The Mental Agreements We Have To Make Better Decisions

What we say and do needs to align with the promises we make and the commitments we give. 

But this is hard when we disagree on what the agreements are.
I like to call these mental agreements. 

They are the daily smoke signal we send through our conversations, communications and everyday behaviour. They are the smoke signals that are hard to hold onto but can be seen by everyone.
There is no hiding them.

Most culture programs fail. Executives develop a set of values and assume that is enough for everyone to align.

Each of the above codes is hard to do. It’s hard to deliver consistently.
But that’s the beauty of the cultural challenge. We all develop as human beings!

I am driven by how we find more meaning and purpose in the small moments of what we do every day. Understanding this is transformative to a better, healthier, and happier life. It’s why I regret not swapping out my B.Com (Econ & Bus Econ) for a psychology degree.

It’s also why I went into marketing before digital changed everything. It changed the way we work, the way we structure business, and the way we optimise ourselves.

This has led to my deep fascination with the intersection of culture, technology, and systems. This fascination led me into the digital world, where I led the Deloitte Digital Advisory practice and built 5 startups, most of which have frustrated my wife. That is until we started teraflow, where she has found me at my happiest!’’

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Understanding and wisdom come from applied experience, often a result of failure.
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