AI News You Probably Missed In December

December was packed with some very interesting advances in the AI and ML space. 

From washable, stretchy batteries that are paving the way for wearable devices. To new algorithms set to be major game-changers in the world of manufacturing and consumer devices. AI won’t slow down for anything.

Take a look at what you might have missed in AI news during December. These might just have a big impact on 2022!

Washable Batteries for Your Colour-Changing Clothes & Wearable Devices 

Who doesn’t want clothing or material that can actively change colour or temperature? 

Think of the convenience. And of the hype. While it might sound like sci-fi, researchers have created flexible batteries. All in the name of wearable electronics.

Yes, there are batteries that stretch. And now researchers have taken it a step further by making them waterproof. These newly developed flexible batteries were able to deal with 39 wash cycles after a full session in the toploader. 

Just think of how different furniture shopping could become.

AI in Quality Management: Over 50% Reduction in Defective Products

It’s reported that poor and outdated quality management accounts for an average of 15% of industrial manufacturing operating costs. 

Whether it’s microchips, pharmaceutical products or machinery, quality is essential. And if it doesn’t make the cut, it results in a loss of resources.

So an algorithm was developed and successfully tested at a semiconductor factory owned by Hitachi Energy. The result? The amount of defective products reduced by over 50%, making it both more efficient and sustainable. 

New Algorithm Improves Hand Gesture Recognition  

Developers have come up with a promising algorithm with the potential to improve consumer-level devices. In a very big way.

Currently, the costs and low levels of accuracy involved in optical-based gesture recognition have been a major obstacle to its growth. A new algorithm seeks to sidestep that hurdle.

It could be a major game-changer for apps, software and even VR. 

An Exciting Year Ahead

With these powerful discoveries sitting on the verge of 2022, we’re in for a very interesting year as far as AI and technology is concerned. 

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