13.5% Increase In Cloud Spend As More Join The Big Cloud Migration

Cloud spending is on the rise again. £16.21 billion was spent in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021, indicating that companies around the world are investing more in cloud storage and compute power. 

According to IDC, in Q4 of 2021 businesses spent £16.21 billion for cloud infrastructure services – up 13% compared to last year’s total at just over £10.76 billion.

We Don’t Blame Them

The benefits of the cloud surpass that of any traditional, legacy on-prem system. Nevermind the cost savings and significant shift from a CapEx to an OpEx model.

With major projects happening across every industry, businesses will have more resources available for innovation. With less risk and without having capacity limitations imposed by physical servers.

And as the world moves into a digital future, businesses and governments are embarking on major projects to transform themselves. 

The worldwide market for cloud services is expected to reach nearly $90 billion in 2022, a growth rate of 21%.

This will be due largely because some firms have begun shifting their IT infrastructure resources from on-premise solutions back into the public arena.

As companies continue investing more money into these shared platforms, while cutting down costs by eliminating expensive hardware purchases and maintenance fees, they can enjoy better service without having any worries about maintaining aging systems.

The Big Benefits of Cloud Migration

The benefits of cloud migration are plentiful. 

Cloud computing offers a wide number of benefits to organisations, including faster innovation and implementation; reduced costs; and improved scalability.

Faster Innovation and Implementation

Through cloud architecture, you’re able to develop and deploy new products, software and services at a far more efficient rate. You have the ability to remain competitive and ahead of the game.

With easy-to-use platforms that deal with the design, rollout, testing and deployment of your innovations – your on-premise infrastructures don’t have to drain your time, waste your resources and remain a burden to maintain.

Powerful Security

Most businesses fear the risk of lost or stolen data. These system failures and breaches tend to cost millions in revenues and leaves behind a sense of fear and uncertainty.

With most cloud providers acting as decentralised platforms, your critical data assets tend to be far safer and secure. Which reduces the overall risk and reluctance involved with the security of your digital assets.  

Cloud security tends to work extremely well, because:

  • The investments that most cloud providers make in security capabilities, software and professionals;
  • Better control of their cloud environment and architecture. As opposed to dealing with on-premise infrastructures which consists of multiple solution architectures;
  • The availability of consistent and continuous security upgrades, fixes and patches. 

Reduced Costs

With modern technology improving the overall efficiency, speed and output of delivery, there’s an increase in the desire to scale at a faster pace. So traditional IT teams leave you to fork out much more capital for hardware purchases, configuration and maintenance.

Moving to the cloud helps reduce those costs by:

  • Cutting back on the expenses associated with Big Data platforms, along with their hardware, design and networking needs;
  • Reducing the overall cost of ownership, maintenance and support regarding large-scale IT environments. Including IT support personnel, security, admin and license fees.

Improved Scalability 

While most companies collect their data through on-premise legacy environments, the advances in networking, data storage, analytics and sensor technology (to name a few) have made it difficult for these traditional systems to compete. 

With cloud, you’re able to be picky and extremely specific around the compute power, resources and storage that you require. This allows you to scale up and down whenever you see fit and pay according to your demands/needs – as opposed to buying, running and maintaining infrastructure that is of no use during certain periods.

Having control of your capacity demands will result in less service interruptions and greater opportunity to scale your operations to a global standard.

How To Get Started On Your Cloud Journey

Every business will inevitably undergo some form of digital transformation. It’s only a matter of when. 

And cloud migration, with all of its many advantages, is essential to that journey.

To remain competitive, to evolve and to innovate in an age that puts technology at its core is critical to any organisation. And although it might appear to be a fairly complicated and uncomfortable shift to take – we assure you that it’s not.

We understand the value, importance and impact of your data and the role it plays in your success.

That’s why we pride ourselves on offering you the absolute best in modern technological expertise. Our cloud and data engineering specialists will ensure that not only will your data make it to the cloud securely, but that it will run in an optimised, cost-effective way.

Make your transition to the cloud easier than it needs to be. Contact Us, today. 

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