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We are a staff-first business driven by a culture built on the pillars of trust, transparency, fairness and consistency. Our open onboarding process will have you understand exactly what we do and how you fit in.

Let’s get into it and unpack how we recruit the best staff!

First things, first. We work in teams. Everything from technical deployments to HR, and even marketing, works this way. We collaborate using an Agile approach, where big tasks are broken down into achievable sprints.

We make this work by

recruiting on the twin pillars of Technical/Functional Excellence and Culture.

We are looking for people who ideally match the top right quadrant.

So what are the next steps?

Our process is built on the Topgrading framework, where you:

Why do we ask you to set up your reference interviews for us as a final step?
Well, three reasons:

What roles are we looking at?

We are looking for the best talent that we can find. We want our teams to be working with the best, learning and growing together, and finding deep satisfaction in the work they are doing.

We have an always-on recruitment policy, which is why there are no specific roles below. If you fit any of these roles,

Let’s start the conversation now!


Data Engineering (ZA) (UK), Software Engineering (ZA), ML Engineering (ZA) (UK), Cloud Ops Engineering (ZA), Project Manager (ZA), Solution Architecture (ZA), DevOps Engineering (ZA), and UX/UI Engineering (ZA)


Project Management (ZA), Human Resources (ZA), Design & Marketing (ZA), and Account Management (ZA).
we stand for staff first

What we Stand For

Staff First
Yes, we really do put staff before customers. We believe that the wellbeing of our staff is more important than anything else. After all, how you spend your day is how you spend your life – and life is too short and important to waste. The more value and purpose you get out of the work you do everyday, the happier you are. And this translates into a positive, empowering culture.
trust icon


We employ people we trust. With that trust comes freedom that’s rooted in responsibility and accountability. What this means is we trust you make the right decision where you are. To have the opportunity to learn and grow through the decisions that you make. There is structure to this approach and we believe in mentors rather than management.


We share a lot! Some may say too much but we are a very inclusive company. There are no closed doors (not that we have doors). We meet often and share the good and the bad. We think bad surprises are counter productive and a result of displeasing politics and weak communication.


Speed and scale need to be balanced with stability and consistency. This starts with treating everyone fairly. This means we are a meritocracy – where we employee people based on their skills, innate abilities and uniqueness rather than We all operate on the same principles.

Let's get to know you better

Let's get down to the gritty!

Our process is built around understanding all of the roles you have had (up to the last 10). It will help you break down your career history with a bit more detail than what’s currently on your CV.

We also understand that you may have changed roles – or even careers – so please do not read too much into the below form. Common sense will prevail. 

Job Title
What was the role? (If you have had more than one role for the same company, please provide detail for each role, starting with your most recent role.)
What company was this role for?
Start Date
What was the start date of this specific role?
End Date
What was the end date of this specific role?
Starting Monthly Salary
What was the Starting Total Monthly Remuneration you earned at the end of this role?
Ending Monthly Salary
What was the Ending Total Monthly Remuneration you earned at the end of this role?
Full Name of Direct Reporting Line
Please let us know who you reported to and who will give you a reference for this role. Remember, you will need to set up a reference meeting with them.
Manager Rating
Please let us know who you reported to and who will give you a reference for this role. Remember, you will need to set up a reference meeting with them.
Reason for Leaving
Why did you leave the role?

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