Career History Snapshot

Thank you for taking the time to answer a series of questions about your career history. It will help us understand a bit more about you! We call this process the pre-screening interview and should take you no more than 15 minutes.

By completing this interview you will help our recruitment team better understand your career history and where we can make the best use of your skills within Teraflow. To give you a better sense of what this process is all about, we believe that Who decisions are as important as Why, What and How decisions.

Most of our projects are delivered as a team and its why we work very hard on building a culture that supports team work. We see Trust and Transparency as key building blocks to growing great teams.

Answer The Questions.

The following set of questions looks at your career history. Please complete the questionnaire from your latest job (or the job you are working in now) and work backwards through your career history.

We will ask you the same set of questions going back at leats 10 jobs. If you have completed the questions to your earliest job and its less than 10, please just click the complete button.

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