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1: Data Infrastructure:

1. Do you have a centralised data repository that consolidates data from various sources?
2. Is your data stored in a standardised and structured format that is easily accessible for analysis?
3. Have you implemented data governance practices to ensure data quality, integrity, and consistency?
4. Are you actively collecting and updating data to ensure its freshness and relevance?
5. Do you have mechanisms to handle large volumes of data required for AI analysis and modelling?
6. Have you implemented data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure data availability and reliability?
7. Are you using data storage and processing technologies that support efficient AI analysis?
8. Do you have a clear data ownership and access control framework to manage data permissions?

2: Data Quality and Governance:

1. Do you have documented data quality standards and guidelines?
2. Are you actively monitoring and measuring data quality metrics?
3. Do you have mechanisms in place to address data inconsistencies, errors, and duplicates?
4. Have you conducted data profiling and cleansing activities to improve data quality?
5. Are data quality responsibilities clearly defined within your organisation?
6. Have you implemented data lineage and metadata management practices to track data origin and changes?
7. Do you have processes to validate and verify data accuracy and integrity?
8. Are there established mechanisms for data documentation and knowledge sharing within your organisation?

3: Data Privacy and Security:

1. Have you conducted a comprehensive data privacy assessment to identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with AI usage?
2. Do you have a designated data protection officer or privacy team responsible for ensuring compliance with privacy regulations?
3. Have you implemented strong access controls to restrict unauthorised access to sensitive data used in AI models?
4. Have you implemented encryption mechanisms to protect data in transit and at rest?
5. Do you have processes in place to handle data breaches and incidents promptly and effectively?
6. Have you conducted regular security assessments and audits to identify and address vulnerabilities in your AI systems?
7. Have you implemented mechanisms to ensure transparency and explainability of AI models, especially when dealing with sensitive data?
8. Do you have policies and procedures in place to comply with relevant privacy regulations and handle user consent appropriately?

4: Talent and Skills:

1. Do you have a dedicated team with expertise in AI and machine learning?
2. Have you conducted a skills gap analysis to identify the AI skills needed within your organisation?
3. Are your existing employees provided with training opportunities to develop AI skills?
4. Have you recruited or partnered with external experts to complement your internal AI capabilities?
5. Do you have a clear career development path for employees interested in AI roles and responsibilities?
6. Have you established mechanisms for knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees for AI initiatives?
7. Are your recruitment strategies aligned with the goal of attracting talent with AI skills?
8. Do you encourage a culture of continuous learning and innovation to foster AI skills development?

5. Stakeholder Awareness and Alignment:

1. Have you communicated the potential benefits of AI to key stakeholders within your organisation?
2. Do stakeholders have a clear understanding of the challenges and risks associated with AI adoption?
3. Have you identified and engaged executive-level sponsors who champion AI initiatives within your organisation?
4. Have you involved stakeholders in the AI planning and decision-making processes?
5. Have you conducted training or awareness programs for stakeholders to understand AI concepts and its potential impact?
6. Are stakeholders aligned on the strategic goals and objectives related to AI adoption?
7. Have you established channels for ongoing communication and feedback with stakeholders regarding AI initiatives?
8. Are stakeholders supportive and enthusiastic about AI initiatives within your organisation?

6. Ethical Considerations:

1. Have you established guidelines or policies to address ethical considerations in AI usage?
2. Are you aware of the potential biases or discriminatory outcomes that can arise from AI algorithms?
3. Have you implemented mechanisms to ensure transparency and explainability of AI models and decisions?
4. Do you have processes in place to assess and address the potential impact of AI on privacy rights?
5. Are you actively considering the ethical implications of data collection and usage for AI purposes?
6. Have you conducted training or awareness programs for employees on the ethical considerations related to AI?
7. Have you established mechanisms for monitoring and auditing AI systems for ethical compliance?
8. Are you engaged in industry discussions and initiatives related to ethical AI practices?

7. Integration and Scalability:

1. Have you evaluated the impact of integrating AI solutions into your existing systems and processes?
2. Do you have a clear understanding of the scalability requirements for AI implementation?
3. Have you identified potential technical challenges or bottlenecks that may arise during AI integration?
4. Have you evaluated the compatibility of AI technologies with your existing IT infrastructure?
5. Are your systems capable of handling the computational and storage demands of AI applications?
6. Have you developed a roadmap for phased implementation and integration of AI solutions?
7. Have you considered the potential impact on data flows and interoperability with external systems or partners?
8. Have you evaluated the long-term scalability and adaptability of your AI solutions to future business needs?

8. Resource Allocation:

1. Have you allocated a dedicated budget and financial resources for AI initiatives?
2. Have you identified the necessary infrastructure and computing resources required for AI implementation?
3. Have you allocated sufficient human resources, such as data scientists and AI experts, to support AI initiatives?
4. Have you considered the potential training and up-skilling needs of existing employees for AI adoption?
5. Have you established partnerships or collaborations with external organisations to leverage additional resources for AI initiatives?
6. Have you conducted a cost-benefit analysis to assess the potential return on investment (ROI) for AI implementation?
7. Have you identified any potential risks or challenges related to resource allocation for AI initiatives?
8. Are you regularly reviewing and reassessing resource allocation to ensure it remains aligned with the evolving needs of AI projects?

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