Rebel Technologists Thrive When

Rebel technologists thrive when a couple of key environmental factors are in place.

The first thing is budget. 

Making sure that you can find the necessary budget to be able to instil these changes is an ideal starting point. 

If you aren’t working towards some kind of return on investment, somewhere along the line, why should the rest of the business come along for the ride? 

Learn how to sell your idea into the organisation.

That way, you’ll thrive. 

If you can get key stakeholders on board with your message, your idea, your plan, your approach – then you’re doing something right.

Gaining that stakeholdership is key and an easy way to do it is to learn how to sell your message.

Build the right team around you. 

In order to thrive as a rebel technologist, it’s important to note that it’s not about having the right skills. 

It’s about having the right aptitude. 

It’s about getting people who have the same ambition and drive to do something that is very difficult in the organisation. And that is to rebuild. You not only need the aptitude and the skill and the capability, but you also need the experience.

This might mean bringing in people who are sceptical. The person who says they’ve seen a mistake made a thousand times and they’re incredibly negative about things. Their advice can go a long way.

If the advice might be counterintuitive to what you’re doing, then you need to show them why the technology set has changed since they last attempted it.

A good debate with an experienced team member is worth a thousand miles.

Aim for quick wins.

Although it may be a marathon of a journey, the most important thing in being a rebel technologist is to get a win that you can stand behind.

A win that you can shout about. 

A win that’ll buy you future trust in your next set of plans and projects.

Get a win as quickly as you can. Don’t go for the biggest, or the best return investment. Go for the one that makes key stakeholders look the best. 

(If you have any other tips to thrive as a rebel technologist, please share them with us!)

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