Recode Your World: Remote & Hybrid Working

Do you prefer to work from home? Or at least have the option to choose?

[Then join us and Recode Your World!]

With more than 84% of people in favour of remote working, we believe that it is essential to provide greater options to our teams.

Especially when it provides a number of benefits including improved productivity, better health and a happier, more optimistic mindset:

  • 90% reported that they were as productive or more productive working remotely.
  • 74% said working from home is better for their mental health post-pandemic
  • 84% reported that working remotely after the pandemic would make them happier, with many even willing to take a pay cut.

Recode Your World & Shape the Future of Enterprise with AI.

Making AI work for a global network of clients is a massive undertaking.

It takes determination and unwavering passion to bring world-renowned and monumental organisations to the forefront of innovation and digitisation.

As we expand, we’re on the hunt for A-players that are itching to recode their world.

This means repositioning yourself in the market, collaborating with a team of A-players and being part of shaping the future through AI.

Delivery Begins With Culture

The ability to make that difference rests in our capacity to care, foster and guide both our staff and clients towards greater horizons. It lives in our culture and way of working, our approach to delivery and the impact that we leave behind.

With remote and hybrid work fast becoming the new normal, it’s critical that leaders ensure that their workplace culture embraces change and new ways of working.

But what does a good culture look like?

Our CEO, Michael Cowen explains, “Culture is the hidden agreements we have between us that produce our daily outcomes. It guides how we make decisions and the way we behave… However, most culture programs fail, because executives develop a set of values and assume that it is enough for everyone to align with”.

Workplace culture comes to affect performance, output and how well your teams are able to collaborate. Which is critical when you consider the dynamic of working from home.

We’ve Managed To Weave Culture & Remote Work To Your Benefit

With new shifts in culture and an increase in desirability to work from home, we’ve been able to build a system that promotes personal growth and career development.

This means we take a people-first approach that ensures we prioritise these factors within a remote working context:

  • Your learning and how best we’re able to accelerate it.
  • Your personal branding to take your own brand to market.
  • A-players that are both technically proficient and culturally aligned. 

Personal Branding

We don’t want to limit our staff. Every step with us should be a step in the right direction for their future dreams, goals and ambitions.

Perhaps that’s on a stage in front of thousands of people. Or perhaps it’s getting headhunted for the impact that you’re making on the world around you. So we’ve developed a personal branding framework for our teams to help anybody that’s with us to understand the best way to position themselves in the market.

Work With The Best

Like you, we want to work with (and surround ourselves) with the best. We believe that it not only defines our ability to impact the world, but who we are and how we grow as a collective.

To ensure this happens, we have a thorough recruitment process that looks at attracting and employing what we call A-Players. Not only are we looking for the best technical talent, but we are also laser-focused on making sure all our staff are culturally aligned.

Accelerated Learning

We’ve built a safety net that gives you the courage to make decisions and that allows you to fail. Our swarm approach allows us to limit traditional management and supervision structures and replace the idea of management with mentorship and a mentorship mindset.

Our culture focuses on empowerment, giving you the support you need through colleagues (not bosses) who can help and support you through your work. 

How We Double Your Market Value

Many of our staff want to share their expertise. 

Why? To help grow and inspire people who are following a similar path. To share their experience with others and act as mentors.

With systems like Design My Career and The Branding Journey in place, we help you understand what is deeply meaningful to you, giving you the chance to get more value out of what you do on a day-to-day basis.

3 Tenets That Make Teraflow Different

Flat Structure. Easy Reporting Lines.

  • We trust our employees to do their jobs free of delegation and strict supervision.
  • Our network of teams have the freedom of authority to innovate and openly create.
  • Gatekeeping is replaced with support, mentorship and guidance from leaders. 

We Value Input.

  • Diversity in our talent gives us a variety of valuable insights and perspectives.
  • Encouragement allows for our employees to freely share thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
  • Supportive leadership, as opposed to delegation, gives employees access to the right tools and resources.

Open, Caring Culture.

  • Empowerment of our employees is achieved through knowledge-sharing, freedom of autonomy and support.
  • Driven by empathy, our leaders and staff actively seek to reduce obstacles and burdens amongst one another.
  • Respect and acknowledgement is given to everybody, as each person is treated equally.

If you’re all for embracing change and finding purpose in the new normal…

… Then we have something that might be of interest to you.

We’re on a quest to recode your world and give you the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your position in the market
  • Work with a community of A-players
  • Shape the future of enterprise through AI and transformation 

If you’re a Mid or Senior-level data, or cloud engineer that is looking for a change of pace, development and direction, then see if any of these roles are the right fit for you:

A culture that fosters growth, collaboration and progress awaits you.

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