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Generative AI Engineer
From £45 per hour
Masters in Comp Sci
AI & Machine Learning Python Tool Maintenance

Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Tensorflow | Large Language Models (LLMs) | PyTorch | Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) | AI Model Development | Feature generation | Neural networks | Deep Learning | Gen AI | ChatGPT | Bard | PaLM2

Skills List
Data Engineer
From £45 per hour
Masters in Comp Sci
Data Engineer Leadership Python

Spark | Python | ETL Pipelines | Big Data | Data Warehousing | Data Lake | Data Mesh | Data Quality | Data Modelling | Data Cataloguing | Data Orchestration | Big Query | SQL | Redshift

Skills List
MLOps Engineer
From £45 per hour
Master's Computational Mechanics
Data Science I.O.T Machine Learning

MLFlow | VertexAI | MLOps | Model Deployment | Feature Store | DevOps | Model Monitoring | ML Automation | Model Versioning | ML Experiment Tracking | H2O

Skills List
Cloud Architect
From £55 per hour
B.S.c in Informatics
AI & Machine Learning Cloud Adoption Solutions Architect

AWS/Azure/GCP | Cloud Networking | FinOps | Security and Compliance | Serverless Architecture | Microservices | Cloud Migration | Virtual Machines | Containers | Kubernetes

Skills List
AI/UX Front-end Engineer
From £45 per hour
PHD Comp-Sci
App Development Interactive Media Websites

Creating Seamless User Experiences | UI/UX Lead | Design Thinking Champion

Skills List
Scrum Master
From £55 per hour
Masters Information Science
Data Strategy Tool Maintenance

AI Enablement | Machine Learning Engineer | Machine Learning Ops.

Skills List
Fullstack Software Engineer
From £45 per hour
B.S.c Comp Sci
HTML/CSS Javascript Python

Design Test and Implement Software Applications | Data Structure Completion | Code Review

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"The Teraflow Team built an NLP Environment on AWS and connected all the Data Pipelines to help build a generative AI Chatbot that increased our online Sales by over 43%"
Old Mutual
" moved all our applications in Africa to the Cloud and applied Machine Learning to our Revenue Teams to help increase Sold Capacity to 98%"
British Airways
"Teraflow designed an AI/UX Application that used Machine Learning and Generative AI to better serve our Medical Aid customers"

38 Certifications

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