Seeking Senior Cloud Architects *To Recode Their World

Recode your world and help shape the future of enterprise with AI.

Making AI work for a global network of clients is a massive undertaking.

It takes grit, determination and unwavering passion to bring world-renowned and monumental organisations to the forefront of innovation and digitisation.

The ability to make that difference rests in our capacity to care, foster and guide both our staff and clients towards greater horizons. It lives in our culture and way of working, our approach to delivery and the impact that we leave behind.

As we expand, we’re on the hunt for A-players that are itching to recode their world.

This means repositioning yourself in the market, collaborating with world-class engineers and becoming a part of shaping the future through AI.

  • Strengthen your position in the market
  • Work with a community of A-players
  • Shape the future of enterprise through AI and transformation 

If You’re in the Cloud Engineering space

And believe that you have what it takes to help support our global clientbase, then this position might be for you.

You will be working on fixed-scope, fixed-timeline projects across AWS and GCP for large national and international customers, including banks, airlines, medical aid providers and telecommunications companies.

We also have fully remote, hybrid and office based (Johannesburg, Cape Town, UK) arrangements available. And we offer opportunities for upskill:

  • We pay for you to take your cloud certifications
  • We allow for you to study for cloud certifications on company time
  • We run weekly internal knowledge sharing sessions

If you’re a Senior-level Cloud Architect that is looking for a change of pace, development and direction, then see if this role is the right fit for you:

Position: CloudOps Senior Cloud Architect 

Mission Statement

CloudOps brings together various roles such as cloud architecture, software development, IT operations, security, and compliance to manage products and services in the cloud. Cloudops uses and shares DevOps principles, best practices and optimisation procedures. 

As a CloudOps Engineer, you will ensure availability and reliable access to cloud environments. This includes deployment, migration and maintenance of all custom cloud environments across the portfolio of clients and projects.

Key Deliverables 

  1. Actioning of Service Desk Allocations
    1. Attend and respond to assigned service desk tickets within the SLA requirements,dependent on the client.
    2. Escalate effectively within the organisation where applications related functionality needs to be addressed.
    3. Perform all required administrative work on submitted tickets and reporting.
    4. Enhance the functionality of the service desk by creation of whitepapers, conclusion documentation and scripting to be used.
    5. Assist in the mentoring of junior staff to further enhance the level 1 support functionality.
  2. Customer, Vendor & Internal Communication
    1. Comfort in answering calls and responding to inbound customer requests
    2. Initiating vendor escalations and handover to appropriate engineering tier
    3. Friendly and professional demeanour
    4. Professional customer identification and verification within organisational requirements
    5. Working with the client to understand future requirements and feeding that back into the black ops and sales process
    6. Consistent English fluency (Spoken, read and written)
    7. Time management and concerted effort in following up with escalation engineers
    8. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting as per organisational and SLA requirements
  3. Technical Assistance & Support
    1. Ability to translate on premise requirements to cloud based solutions
    2. Ability to facilitate the removal of customer blockers in the process of cloud migration
    3. Actively build customer solutions on the preferred customer Hyperscaler
    4. Cutover planning and testing
    5. Ongoing support and maintenance post implementation
    6. Consistent updating of cloud competencies across the hyperscaler estate
    7. Mentoring and handover to customer teams or junior team members in the support process.
    8. Strong scripting skills across various platforms in aid of repeatable processes reducing next customer turnaround time
  4. Sales Support and Feedback
    1. Reviewing proposed SOWs
    2. Customer due diligence
    3. Solution Costing Assistance

Technical Requirements

  1. Senior role with 8-12 years experience in a technology based role
  2. Education, Certifications and / or experience speaking to the following are required:
    1. Practical networking knowledge (Vendor aligned, such as Cisco, HP, Juniper Etc…)
    2. Expert level Server Technology (Windows / Linux)
    3. Professional Level Hyperscaler knowledge (Azure / AWS / GCP)
    4. Expert Level virtualization knowledge (Hyper-V / VMWare / Nutanix)
    5. Professional Level Enterprise Productivity (Microsoft365 / Google Apps)
    6. Functional Level Security knowledge (UTM / Edge Security / IAM)
    7. System and application monitoring
  3. Education, Certifications and / or experience speaking to the following are highly beneficial:
    1. DevOps tooling such as Terraform / Docker / Kubernetes
    2. Scripting knowledge (Powershell / Cloudshell / JSON / YAML)
    3. Proven history of peer mentoring and training
    4. Hyperscaler Certifications to Expert / Senior Level
    5. ITSM Theory (ITIL / COBIT / MOF / ISO)
    6. Knowledge Base Management (Jira / Confluence)

Interpersonal skills

  1. Friendly and approachable (Customer Facing) – We want customers to talk to you.
  2. Friendly, approachable and stern where needed (Internal and Vendor facing). We need our vendors and engineers to listen when you speak.
  3. Patience. Some tasks are repetitive, all customers are demanding and some engineers are exhausting.
  4. Time management. Following up on engineers within SLA timeframes and providing feedback to customers. (Remember, friendly, approachable and stern where needed).
  5. Effective communication. Written and spoken must be equally aligned.
  6. Unafraid of documentation. We need AI to start making this role easier. You need to help train that.
  7. Comfortable under pressure. We strive for an easy workday but sometimes the heat gets turned up.
  8. Comfortable in your own skin. Customers and engineers get temperamental, you need to realise that this isn’t personal. 
  9. Mentorship mindset. Junior roles are just as important as ExCo when it comes to sharing knowledge and experience.
  10. Comfortable working in an Agile environment and actively support the project management function.

What we provide:

  1. A laptop (On the platform you are most comfortable with)  to get your job done with screen real-estate for monitoring and working.
  2. A comfortable space to work or contribution to connectivity costs should they meet the requirements for the role.
  3. A travel allowance for customer based work assignments.
  4. Competitive remuneration.
  5. Growth and learning opportunities with access to mentorship from senior technical resources. This includes security in the escalation process.
  6. Project work to boost your growth.
  7. A global footprint in which you will be able to grow your personal profile.

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