The Journey to Making AI work for you!

Your Journey Starts with One Step!

You don’t just suddenly wake up one day, and digitally transform. You don’t suddenly wake up with the knowledge to solve your big data problems. It’s a journey that you have to progress through! A journey with AI.

Brett and Michael sit down to explore this topic.

Video Transcript


Brett St Clair:
Welcome to I’m really excited about the question, as usual. So today, we’re going to ask the question, “what is this journey to make your business AI ready, or to embrace AI?”.

Because, Mike, it’s a journey, right? You don’t just suddenly one day transform, and you have all the know how in the world and you’re solving problems with artificial intelligence. And here we go. That’s just not the case. Right?

Michael Cowen:
Absolutely, Brett. We all talk about this idea of digital transformation. And the problem is, you know, we get this beautiful idea, we get everyone talking about it, and everyone thinks it’s a very simple process, to get to digital transformation, and there are three critical steps, or this is what you got to do.

And it’s the same thing with innovation, suddenly you’re going from an un-innovative company to an innovative company. And it’s not a binary process by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a journey. And it’s a journey that’s going to take a bit of time, you know, might take you one year to do this. Or it might take you three years. And I think more importantly, everyone is at a different state of, or they’re in a different place of the roadmap on their journey to making AI work.

And it’s about progressing along this journey. And that for me, Brett, and we’ve mentioned this word before, ‘progressing‘ along this journey. That’s what the critical part of this is and I think that’s what we need to talk about going forward from here.

Transformation Through AI

Brett St Clair:
I agree, progress is no longer “we will change”, “we will transform”. Progress is now. We need to progress right now. The change, you know, has to be done now. And it’s not because you have to do it now, doesn’t mean you have to do everything now.

As you say, there’s different maturity levels. And I think the first step that everyone’s got to figure out is, “where does my business sit in that maturity level?” Because if you understand that, clearly, it’s kind of like Google Maps, right? I want to travel from here to there. Google will tell you where you are. So do that in your business, understand where you are, and then you’ll be able to figure out where you need to go. We can help you with where you need to go.

Michael Cowen:
No, totally. Absolutely. And I think also, if you look at these great companies that have transformed, you know, I’m thinking probably IBM is a great example. General Electric is another great example. It’s taken them a very, very long time to actually transform.

This has been a process. It’s been a journey. One of the critical things that they have done is they’ve put data at the centre of that, and the ability to use data intelligently, as opposed to this very structured, inflexible data. And that’s one of the critical things on this journey. And I think for me, the data shows your level of maturity, because everyone’s talking about this world of innovation. But how can you innovate if you don’t have the data to back up what you’re actually doing? And I think that’s critical.

A Lot of Businesses Have Inaccessible Data

Brett St Clair:
And you’re right. I think a lot of businesses do have the data, but they don’t have the data. It’s not accessible. It’s not in a format that they can do anything with it that they can’t respond quickly to it. I see so many businesses trying to do too many big things. You know, in software engineering and data, it’s really about starting to do micro things. So you can do small releases, quickly.

I think are in-state as businesses, we want to be able to operate like the Google’s, the Facebook’s, the Tesla’s, those kind of modern businesses that aren’t carrying legacy cultures, legacy infrastructure. That’s where we want to go. And those guys release lots of little things, quickly and often. That’s how you need to be flexible in how you innovate and artificial Intelligence is a massive component of that.


Michael Cowen:
No totally, and I think just to wrap up, Brett, we’ve broken this progress down into four stages. So we’ll go through those four stages and we’ll dig deeply into how you progress on this journey to making AI work for you. So, on that note, thanks, bud.

Brett St Clair:
So I actually think it’s On your marks. AI.

Bye, guys.

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