Stop Focusing On One Superpower!

Supercharging your enterprise isn’t about excellence in only one area.

You shouldn’t only focus on single attributes like cognition (ML), strength (Cloud), speed/agility (Dev), or flexibility (Data) alone. 

Collectively, each ability makes AI work

The Problem Is That People Tend to Only Focus On Each Niche

They tend to see one slice of the entire AI prize and they obsess over that one slice. 

You hear, “I just need to build a wonderful mathematical model” or “I just need to move into the cloud”. But that’s not truly embracing AI, because it solves one little part of the problem. 

Organisations are big into going all-in on cloud strategy. But fail to see that moving everything from on-prem into the cloud is not going to actually solve their problem. 

You have to move it into the cloud, modernise it, get flexibility, get speed, and ultimately put your ML on top to get AI. 

It’s important that people not fixate on the niche buckets and rather the entirety of what it takes to make AI work.

We See This Time and Time Again

Leading a consulting business that makes AI work for all business sizes: We see this in the startup space. We see this in the enterprise space. 

And everybody’s making the same mistakes.

At We’ve spent the better part of the last number of years moving massive enterprise systems into the cloud to truly understand how to embrace AI.

The sad truth is that most of them still make the same mistakes. 

There’s an overinvestment into a niche service offering and not into the end-to-end services that make up the entire AI portrait.

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