Ensure A Successful Cloud Migration (With These 3 Considerations)

Cloud is on the fast-track to taking over the world.

Massive investments are validating the bustling benefits that come from this hyperscale tech. And no matter the size of or goals of the business – cloud is reshaping everything for the better.

If you’re unaware of what the cloud is offering the world, then you can read more here.

Those that have decided to opt-in for the rewards that a cloud migration strategy can offer now need to consider the best steps to take that will ensure a happy, comfortable migration to the cloud.

Our CloudOps Discipline Lead, Brendon De Meyer, has extensive experience in cloud and hyperscale computing. And as an expert on the matter, he offers a few insights on how to ensure a successful migration:

To fully leverage the power of the cloud and ensure your migration meets cost and performance targets, consider the following:

3) It is not a 1:1 relationship. 

Just because you had massive compute specifications in your heritage (legacy) environment, it does not mean you need to keep the same consideration for cloud. 

The hyperscalers give us access to better hardware, newer chipsets and sizing tooling that makes it easier to optimise. Use that fully and you won’t struggle with your cloud migration and costs. You will also know your environment more intimately by benchmarking before and after.

2) Use hyperscaler native solutions which will avoid 3rd party platforms that often require shoehorning. 

By all means, make sure you have an in-depth understanding of your requirements so that if you do need that 3rd party appliance in the cloud, you can build it. 

But at the same time, if the hyperscaler has native functionality, it will be cost effective, fully supported and will evolve into a feature rich solution as the hyperscaler innovates.

1) Start with telemetry.

If you are monitoring from the first build, you will optimise as you go and capture that performance data. 

There are numerous solutions out there to keep an eye on your cloud builds, but also all the tooling is there for you to get more insight than you have ever had before. This will make for a seamless cloud migration.

(Bonus Tip) Lastly, a cloud partner is not the enemy

Your internal teams might not yet be fully geared-up for cloud. And that’s OK.

Set them up with a partner who will not only advise on the best approach for your cloud build, but also go through the necessary hand-holding with the teams to make them cloud savvy during the process.

Make sure your partner adopts the mentorship mindset with your internal teams and you will be modernising both your technology stack and your technology teams at the same time!

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