Shopping For Cloud Providers – AWS & GCP

Cloud computing is improving our world in tremendous ways. Companies from all across the globe are taking full advantage of the myriad capabilities offered by providers of this state-of-the-art technology – and it’s not difficult to see why. Although the cloud can be quite complex and an intricate concept to fully understand, there is absolutely … Read more

The Advantages of Using GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

While they certainly are a popular choice among millions of customers, more and more SMBs are choosing GCP as their preferred cloud provider. And we don’t blame them.  GCP offers great pricing, huge cost reductions and an impressive variety of useful services. And even though AWS still controls most of the market share, GCP is … Read more

The Advantages of Using AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Cloud migration and software deployment has never been easier. Or more affordable. And thousands of businesses around the world are making effective use of AWS – improving their security, software deployment times and overall scalability. With Amazon currently holding majority of the cloud hosting market share (at 34%) and with an annual revenue growth of … Read more

Your Legacy Systems Are Obsolete: Legacy versus Cloud

Let’s face it, every industry is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift. And the benefits of cloud migration couldn’t be more promising. Technology is growing at a rapid and unfathomable rate, realigning and readjusting our views on the massive impact that it has on every facet of our existence.  The incredible advances in healthcare (improved … Read more

Begin Your Digital Transformation With Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is more important than ever. Especially when you consider the fact that legacy systems are a cesspool for error, risk and stagnation. These outdated systems are magnets to failure, heavy costs and inefficiency – acting as a threat and a burden to the enterprises that possess them. It’s only the world’s top businesses … Read more

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