Take Your Data Engineering to The Next Level!

Did you know: 46% of employees feel that digital tools make them more productive.

We get that work-life balance and a healthy environment is critical to your personal success.

But, a culture filled with constant stress, internal politics, ancient toolsets and a lack of direction can prevent you from making the impact that you know you’re destined to make.

That’s why we’re offering a massive opportunity to change your life and recode your world:

  • Grow your career through mentorship rather than management 
  • Expand your reach to a global footing and shape the future of enterprise
  • Have access to modern digital toolsets that facilitate your productivity and well-being.

We have built our way of working around employing the best quality data engineers! Here is just a glimpse that we think will get you excited about why you want to work at Teraflow.ai.

Working Amongst The SWARM

Structuring our business as a network of teams, we’ve replaced traditional management hierarchies. 

As a project-driven organisation, we work in squads, which requires us to operate in an agile and lean way. It allows us to move at speed, solve our client’s problems through structured sprints and effectively deploy models into production.

Traditional businesses are about command-control, centralisation, and top-down decision-making. It forms a burden of limited information that results in tension, bottlenecks and politics. 

The network of teams acts against this. They behave within a distributed and decentralised model that facilitates independent teamwork within different projects and in solving complex problems.

The central idea that holds these teams together is purpose and open information flow. 

The ability to trust your cultural ecosystem and act autonomously allows for a unified and proactive workforce. 

You Always Come First

Business is about people, between people, and for people. It’s about finding personal value and meaning in the day-to-day work that you’ve committed to.

Yet, for many companies, this is not the focus. Instead, it’s about generating profit through focusing on customers that dictate how things work.

We’re building a company that places its staff first while balancing within the collective interest of the whole. 

This means that no individual is more important, greater, or lesser than any other.

In fact, we see this the other way around. We put staff first, customers second and partners third.

While profit certainly is essential: Staff that care generate a better return than staff that don’t. This is supported by the idea that business is about people who serve people and help solve critical problems. In other words, people that care and create real value. 

And caring comes from giving. The more you give, the more you get.

That’s why we are all here to support and guide each other. We don’t want any heroes.

Being staff-first is based on 3 important principles:

  • Be the guide and not the hero
  • The more you give, the more you get
  • The individual interest needs to be balanced within the context of the whole.

Disrupting the HR Model.

Through the Swarm principle, we can dig deeper and look at each fundamental role through the following lenses.

Junior: Self Directed

As a junior, your quest is to focus on developing your individual skills. This means that you’re highly self-directed in your specific area of expertise. At a junior level, we don’t necessarily want you stepping outside of your core function, as there’s a large focus on developing your skills within the context of Teraflow.

Mid: Team Directed

At mid-level, you focus more on the “how”. How to navigate our ways of working, our processes and systems. How we interact and engage with internal teams. And how we refine our processes and systems. This is where it becomes essential to contribute to the processes behind our swarm-level thinking.

Senior: Strategy, Structure and Client Directed

At senior-level, you move into an executive position of trust. At this stage, you’re looking at the more complex problems, i.e. client and business challenges. You’re identifying ways to solve larger issues and help, guide and support your teams in ways that bring long-term value. This level looks at how we help you become more of an effective guide rather than a manager that delegates and manipulates their environment.

Join The Teraflow Team!

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.

Especially if you’re an experienced Scrum Master or Data Engineer and truly believe that you have what it takes to help support our global clientbase.

Which means that you’ll be working on fixed-scope, fixed-timeline projects across AWS and GCP for large national and international customers, including banks, airlines, medical aid providers and telecommunications companies.

We have fully remote-, hybrid- and office-based (Johannesburg, Cape Town, and UK) arrangements available. Plus, we offer opportunities for upskilling:

  • We pay for you to take relevant certifications.
  • We allow you to study for said certifications on company time.
  • We run weekly internal knowledge sharing sessions.

If you’re a Mid- to Senior-level Data Engineer or Scrum Master looking for a change of pace, development and direction, then see if any of these roles are the right fit for you:

Recode your world and help shape the future of enterprise with AI! Get in touch with us.

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