TeraCode: People-Driven Business

Culture is an essential component for me to manage the business going forward.

We all understand that effort comes through human beings.

Certainly, technology is there to enable our capacity and capabilities. Processes are there to govern how we do things. But ultimately, all businesses are driven through their people. 

This makes a people oriented business such an important component to driving the business forward and we spend a lot of time really putting the idea and principle of staff-first into practice.

You can see it through all of our HR frameworks. The way that we actually manage our people on a day to day basis. What’s really important is this idea of meaning and purpose and that the idea of a business is to create value, which in turn translates into profit.

And the way that we manage the business becomes very important to that profit, however, through the principle of meaning and purpose is human motivation. 

When we find deep meaning and value in the work that we do, it translates into what we do on a daily basis and how we  actually go about doing it. We’re able to translate the type of value and our commitment to that value into our day to day environments.

Meaning & purpose = breaking it down into micro-moments

Although the singularity framework of a massive transformational purpose is great, most businesses are not really run by an Elon Musk. Where you’re able to go and create these incredibly big, transformational purposes like solving the energy problem ata a global level.

But for most companies, they have functional purposes or mission statements. 

Ours is that we make AI work.

And for people who want to understand how to make AI work, that certainly is exciting. But how do you translate that into a day to day environment, into the micro moments? 

We’ve built out a whole lot of different programs and processes in our HR framework, and we’ve really flipped the entire HR model to enable this process to happen at scale. 

And it’s a very exciting component.

The idea of our design of my career is the diamond matrix. The way that we recruit, the way that we develop people – our performance management frameworks all look at the individual as a meaningful contribution to that organisation, because once an individual actually cares about what they do, it translates into value as a customer.

I do believe the purpose of a business is to solve the problem that you’ve agreed to solve for your customer. Everything flows back from that. 

If you create value, you get more business and if you just are driving towards profit, you’re going to wind up short-circuiting things, and it’s going to wind up costing you.

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