Teraflow’s Culture and the Way We Work

Welcome to our Culture and Way of Working Page!

This is all about the way that we work here at Teraflow.

You’re probably wondering why we would need an entire post and pdf to tell you all about our culture.

We’ll simplify it for you: We’re remarkable. 

Not to be arrogant or anything, but what we do, the way that we work and the people that make up this company are all remarkable.

While everybody else is distracted by bureaucracy, centralization and outdated business practices, we’ve chosen to take a different approach.  

With new technologies, worldviews and an abundance of research, it’s more important than ever that organisations build and nourish a culture built on collaboration, autonomy and trust.

It’s more important than ever to realign the way that we approach not only the customer, but the employee, as well. 

Max Weber, the father of bureaucracy, nudged us towards the traditional hierarchies that exist today. Sure, it works and has worked, but as technology and infrastructure progresses, we require new ways of working.

So We Choose A Unique Approach to Culture and the Way that We Work…

Our 4 Pillars to a Successful Culture

Our aim is to move away from traditional management and use these guidelines as a foundation to that approach.

Trust – We employ people that we trust. So we trust and empower them to do their job, free of interference. 

Transparency – We share everything. We talk about finances, who we are hiring, where the business is going and why we make certain decisions. 

Fairness – There are no hierarchies, inner-circles, or hidden clubs. We treat everybody with fairness and equality. 

Consistency – Keeping consistent with the standards and values that we set is essential. We constantly push boundaries and grow with new technology, so it’s important to uphold our promises.

What Makes Teraflow Different?

Flat Structure. Easy Reporting Lines.

  • We trust our employees to do their jobs free of delegation and strict supervision.
  • Our network of teams have the freedom of authority to innovate and openly create.
  • Gatekeeping is replaced with support, mentorship and guidance from leaders. 

We Value Input.

  • Diversity in our talent gives us a variety of valuable insights and perspectives.
  • Encouragement allows for our employees to freely share thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
  • Support leadership, as opposed to delegation, gives employees access to the right tools and resources.

Open, Caring Culture

  • Empowerment of our employees is achieved through knowledge-sharing, freedom of autonomy and support.
  • Driven by empathy, our leaders and staff actively seek to reduce obstacles and burdens amongst one another.
  • Respect and acknowledgement is given to everybody, as each person is treated equally.

(Keen to know more? Check out our free downloadable PDF)

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