The 3 Critical Tools That Accelerated Teraflow’s Exponential Growth

How you solve a problem is far more important than the problem you solve.

We knew this when we started

We knew we had to build the business around the right people who could leave an impact.

With this in mind, there were 3 things we knew we had to build that would change the game for us:

Building an Objective Recruitment Process

Our ambition is to be the best boutique-style Data and Machine Learning engineering consultancy! Globally!!

This meant we were competing with the top global consultancies and tech firms for the best talent.

But this was not enough.

We needed the best talent that was culturally aligned! So we built a process called the teragrader recruitment process.

We can find people who will thrive in our culture and accelerate their careers through

You pass this process. It’s like getting into top gun (sorry, I could not resist :)).

Building Out Our FlowJo

This is our delivery system, which differentiates us from any of our competitors.

We know how we deliver our services is vital. We have worked hard on understanding how we deliver value to our customers in a way that leaves an impact.

This approach combines the lean and agile framework into a delivery capability that rolls into two-week sprints.

And here’s the best part. We built FlowJo around our culture, so even if our competitors copy what we do, they won’t be able to copy our differentiating factor.

Finding meaning in the micro-moments

Vision guides your future, and our vision is to Make our Clients AI Work.

Yet meaning and purpose is a personal thing. This is why we felt it critical for each staff to find meaning in the micro-moments of what they do daily.

We have kind of flipped the Massive Transformational Purpose approach.

The work that we do is hard. It’s challenging in that we solve complex problems.

It’s within this context that our staff thrive.

They find their personal meaning, and our support teams found deeper inspiration in how they enable the system.

This, in turn, creates the value we need to deliver, which is where the impact comes from.

Built on Three Universal Questions:

These three tools are unique to us, but they are built around three common points every business has:

  1. How do we find and recruit the best quality staff?
  2. How do we deliver an impact that is relevant and different?
  3. How do we ensure our staff find meaning and purpose in their work?

I would love to hear how you have answered the above three questions!

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