The Skills Crisis: Getting Past The Storm

Does the skills crisis affect you and me? And how do we get past this sh*t storm?

More than 80% of businesses across the UK are in a struggle to get the right skills. 

  • Firstly, there’s not enough skill for the work that needs to be done. 

We have a gaping hole in the immediate skills that we require to make sure an economy can move forward. The pandemic has literally wiped up thousands of workers in roles ranging from remedial tasks all the way through to the most academic of them. 

  • Secondly, there exists a major lack of diversity in skills.

We have a huge gap in modern skillsets. Quickly, business intelligence professionals and data analysis requirements are all being replaced with machine learning specialists, data engineers and dashboards. Unfortunately, those skills take time and investment. 

With these two gaping holes causing a massive crisis in industry and with many in a scramble to get the right talent, we have to ask ourselves how it will come to affect us on a personal level. 

So how does it affect you?

Is your role on the verge of being irrelevant?

Have you thought about what your role will be in 10 years time? 

Have you thought about how you will evolve your skills to meet the expectations of that new role?

Or do you desire to be part of this great resignation? To walk away and contribute to this crisis?

What goes up must come down.

We’re starting to see society slowly shift towards a great regret

Despite the challenges, an increasing amount of people are begging to get back into the market. A changed market. One with boundless possibilities and potential.

So pause. Think. And see the opportunity in the shit storm.

Take the chance to increase your value, your knowhow, and your capabilities – because we have never lived in a better time than the present.

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