We’re On The Lookout For A-Players!

The people that you surround yourself with ultimately come to affect your potential. 

Whether it’s your private life or career, your behaviours, attitude, and where you ultimately end up is being shaped by those around you.

It’s a large part of our psychology to model behaviours according to the people that we spend most of our time with. But it’s generally at the cost of our own judgement.  

At Teraflow, we understand this. 

We know how important it is to keep in close proximity to the best.

That’s why we place such importance on choosing A-players. 

Like you, we want to work (and surround ourselves) with the best. 

We believe that it not only defines our ability to impact the world, but who we are and how we grow as a collective.

We choose to surround our teams with open, optimistic and resilient workers that will have a positive net effect on those around them.

To give each individual the autonomy and respect that they deserve, it’s important that we prioritise choosing the right people. 

People that want to help. People that want to share.

To ensure this happens, we have a thorough recruitment process that looks at attracting and employing what we call A-Players. Not only are we looking for the best technical talent, but we are also laser-focused on making sure all our staff are culturally aligned.

9 Important Facts That Make Teraflow Different

Flat Structure. Easy Reporting Lines.

  • We trust our employees to do their jobs free of delegation and strict supervision.
  • Our network of teams have the freedom of authority to innovate and openly create.
  • Support, mentorship and guidance from leaders replaces gatekeeping 

We Value Input.

  • Diversity in our talent gives us a variety of valuable insights and perspectives.
  • Encouragement allows for our employees to freely share thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
  • Support leadership, as opposed to delegation, gives employees access to the right tools and resources.

Open, Caring Culture.

  • Empowerment of our employees is achieved through knowledge-sharing, freedom of autonomy and support.
  • Driven by empathy, our leaders and staff actively seek to reduce obstacles and burdens amongst one another.
  • Respect and acknowledgement is given to everybody, as each person is treated equally.

If You’re An A-Player, Then Consider Joining Us!

Take your first step to surrounding yourself with the best.

We’re currently on the lookout for strong, keen individuals that see the potential in AI and digital transformation. 

Specialising in data and ML engineering, software development and cloud modernisation, we’re able to provide cutting-edge solutions to a range of industries. 

We support our global clientbase with the necessary skills to make digital transformation a reality and right now, we’re hiring!

See if you qualify for any of these roles:

  • Mid-Level Data Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • .NET Junior Software Engineer
  • .NET Mid-Level Software Engineer
  • .NET Senior Software Engineer

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