What drives a rebel technologist?

I’m on a quest to find the fire in the belly that drives a rebel technologist.

Is it that urge that something is bothering you? Bothering you to the extent that you can no longer sit back and ignore it?

Is it that feeling that things can be done differently? With the inspiration to stop, step away and profoundly look at the problem you’re facing and decide to make a change?

The burning desire to change and improve…

… Is what drives the rebel technologist.

It’s lives in our need to build stability. The need to control costs. The need to create environments that inspire people to innovate.

Sadly, most organisations don’t cater to those kinds of worlds; to those longed-for environments. 

A rebel technologist can see that.  And the desire to innovate is what’s driving that change.

They need to have order and foresight. They need to understand how that order can translate into future success and when to adapt in the wake of constant change.

That burning desire to continually adopt change is what drives the rebel technologist to take on this massive frontier. To embrace the gargantuan challenge of rebuilding organisations. In the right way.

The rebel technologist knows how to prepare for the challenge of redefining themselves as a digital business.

Stability, order, foresight, preparation. It’s time to get the building blocks in place to begin rebuilding.

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