Why Is On-Prem Still Killing It?!

On-premise IT environments are still killing it.

Don’t believe us? Check the findings of this report:

  • The recent study of 850 IT executives finds that only 7% of enterprises consider themselves all-cloud.
  • While half (50%) are partially on the cloud and 34% are “mostly cloud”.

So then, where does the cloud stand against this slow lamenting of legacy tech?

It’s Not Doing Too Bad Actually!

While these stats are certainly alarming, given the long list of disadvantages that come with anything on-prem, there is still steady growth towards cloud adoption.

The study finds that the number of all-cloud adopters is growing. And quickly.

17% of the executives plan to move everything to the cloud in the next 18 months – around a 250% increase! 

And that’s among the fact that 72% of the total default to cloud-based services when upgrading or investing in new technology.

Cloud Will Continue To Dominate (And With Good Reason)

Understanding that the cloud is an essential part of the modern technological landscape is another step closer to success in a digital-driven world.

It becomes an enabler of greater innovation, flexibility and resiliency.

In fact, the biggest business objectives behind cloud investments are:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity (40%),
  • Lowering total cost of ownership (34%), and
  • Greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions (32%).

Get More Intimate With The Cloud

On-premise might still be killing it right now, but cloud is on the fast-track to capturing the hearts of businesses across the globe.

It’s only a matter of time until everybody is on the proverbial bandwagon.

Does the cloud sound promising to you? Are you part of that statistic that hasn’t made the commitment just yet?

Let us convince you!

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