Will AI make you more competitive?

The Entry To The Game

We think AI is the entry to the game. Just think about it. AI will help your automate your business, drive efficiencies, reduce costs, gain customers insights, build real-time responsiveness, – and the list goes on. This is a race – if your competition is driving ahead with AI while you get left behind, where will that leave you? Is it time to make AI happen?

Video transcript

Brett St Clair
Welcome to teraflow.ai.

Michael Cowen
Yes, that’s gonna get very tired very quickly. Very quickly. How are you, man?

Brett St Clair
Very good. It’s another Good Friday morning. And I’m looking forward to tackling some really important questions that are being faced by business today. Right, Mike?

Michael Cowen
Absolutely. And I think the critical one here for me, and it’s really the critical burning platform. Well, AI makes you more competitive.

Brett St Clair

Michael Cowen
I am asking you Brett,

Brett St Clair
I know that’s a tough one. Right. And because I think a lot of people right now are in trouble. I mean, guys are cutting back and trying to find cost areas. I think being competitive is the last thing they probably thinking of right now. But come next week. It is going to be top of mind, Its a crazy world we live in?

Michael Cowen
No, absolutely. I think it’s a question of survival. But I think also more importantly, Brett, you know, the answer to the question is categorically for me. Yes. AI will certainly drive efficiencies, applications, speed, automation, a whole lot of different criteria within your organisation, I think we must be quite careful just generally lumping AI as a term. But the bottom line for me, Brett is you’re either going to be ahead of the curve or behind the curve. And this COVID crisis that we sitting in is a temporary crisis, post this crisis, people are going to be opening up. And I think things are going to be accelerating. And I think it’s absolutely critical that you’re getting ahead of the curve and you’re adopting AI because it drives efficiencies, drives down costs, increases your competitiveness, there’s a whole range of factors but for me, I just see a very simple picture – you’re either ahead of the curve behind the curve, there is no more curve to get on.

Brett St Clair
I agree with you. I think I look at the large organisations, we used to shut up, having worked at banks and big business. And we used to shut out the thought that little startups like fintechs were digital, and they could move quicker, unfortunately for them is artificial intelligence allows the smaller business to scale at the same rate, that a large business but on top of that, it still allows them to be flexible. It allows them to move and and duck and dive incredibly quickly and pivot very quickly, but reach massive scale that we’ve never seen before Mike.

Michael Cowen
That’s the coffee machine in the background. Sorry, I don’t know if you can hear that. The coffee machines. Next time I was telling the coffee machine off I think Brett, but it absolutely can i think you know when it just comes back to We look at Google it’s got nine, 1 billion products, that are primarily driven by AI. And that technology is available to you right now whether you’re small or big. So the level of the playing fields have levelled you know, so you can actually compete in some pretty serious ways. So yeah, Britt it’s get ahead of the game. It’s you know, it’s adapt or die. Ai, adapt to die.

Brett St Clair
Whoo, there we go, adapt or die.

Michael Cowen
Its the bottom line brains AI bye we’re out of here.

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Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF and co-host on the ThinkWTF Podcast. I focus on helping business build systems to respond to exponential change and thrive. You can book my keynotes on WTF Keynotes

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