Work With The Best To Accelerate Your Career Growth

Attitudes and habits are contagious.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right people. To find empowerment and growth from the environment and culture that you spend most of your time in. 

At Teraflow, we work with the best. With A-players. Astute individuals with niche backgrounds and priceless wisdom that love to share, guide and uplift.  

If you’re over the bureaucracy, stunted growth and taskmasters… 

We are hiring!

But there are only 30 positions left.

As an AI-enablement consultancy, we support our clients with the necessary skills to make digital transformation a reality. 

Specialising in data and ML engineering, software development and cloud modernisation we successfully provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of industries across the globe.

Our culture is central to that success.

This means we take a people-first approach. One that ensures we prioritise:

  • A-players that are both technically proficient and culturally aligned.
  • Your learning and how best we’re able to accelerate it.
  • Personal branding to take your own brand to market.

Here are 3 unique ways we do things differently (and all the reason for you to join us!)

3) Personal Branding

We don’t want to limit our staff. Every step with us should be a step in the right direction for their future dreams, goals and ambitions.

Perhaps that’s on a stage in front of thousands of people. Or perhaps it’s getting headhunted for the impact that you’re making on the world around you. As such, we’ve developed a personal branding framework to help our staff understand the best way to position themselves in the market.

It allows each person to identify what is deeply meaningful to them so that they get more value out of what they do on a day-to-day basis.

2) Accelerated Learning

Failure is the key to learning and growth comes from getting things wrong sometimes. 

We understand this. It’s important to see life and work as a feedback loop that reveals how well you are doing. It acts as a measure of your abilities to help identify where you can improve.

With that knowledge, we’ve built a safety net that gives you the courage to make decisions and allows you to fail. 

Our swarm approach allows us to limit traditional management and supervision structures and replace the idea of management with mentorship and a mentorship mindset.

Our culture focuses on empowerment, giving you the support you need through colleagues (not bosses) who can help, guide and support you through your work. 

1) Work With The Best

Like you, we want to work with (and surround ourselves) with the best. 

We believe that it not only defines our ability to impact the world, but who we are and how we grow as a collective.

To ensure this happens, we have a thorough recruitment process that looks at attracting and employing what we call A-Players. Not only are we looking for the best technical talent, but we are also laser-focused on making sure all our staff are culturally aligned.

All of which are designed to ensure that you thrive in a healthy, happy, collaborative working environment.

Begin Your Dream Job Today!

We go beyond our culture and ways of working. We deliver.

Our ability to deliver at a client and staff level is what truly differentiates us. A promise made is a promise kept – you can ask any of our staff if we live up to that. 

Send us your CV if you are a:

  • Mid-Level Data Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • .NET Junior Software Engineer
  • .NET Mid-Level Software Engineer
  • .NET Senior Software Engineer

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