WTF in Aviation: Getting The Basics Right (Pt. 1)

The WTF in Aviation: 365 Days to Digital Transformation checklist series contains the secrets to unprecedented growth and scale within the airline sector. It’s your comprehensive list of the right areas to focus on so that your airline is able to make a complete and successful digital transformation… within a year.

Out of all the industries hit by the pandemic, aviation definitely took one of the hardest in history:

Unsurprisingly, many airlines were left concussed; with no idea what to do, where to start and left with the idea of recovery all but a dream.

And who could blame them? Hundreds of thousands of people have faced lay-offs. Passengers were bound to their location. Not to mention that funding a complete transformation was difficult, at best.

However, there were a number of quick-thinking airlines that managed to remain agile enough to adapt. Finding just the right amount of room to digitally transform during these turbulent times. In fact, South African airline, Comair, partnered with us to make a complete and successful digital transformation within a year. 

And during one of the most relentless and disruptive times in known history.  

This 4-part WTF series will reveal to you (bit by bit) how you can take your airline to the next level. Or altitude.

Part 1: Explosive Revenue

The Challenge: Finding Budget

It’s not easy to keep up with the rate of change in technology and meet rapidly evolving demands.

Especially when a large chunk of your CapEx faces the wrath of Moore’s Law. Leaving your IT infrastructure depreciating with each passing month. 

Now, in a time when your data and technology matter most, where do you even begin to find the capital for any form of large-scale upgrade? Nevermind the maintenance costs.

It leaves many airlines in a highly compromised position. Tj Stuck forking out for tonnes of legacy hardware and software, that remain plagued by a myriad of compatibility issues, obstacles to upgrade and never-ending sunk costs. 

With all of these technological restraints, airlines are now littered with, and limited by, ancient operating systems, obsolete software, poorly-designed digital interfaces and a growing demand for modern, intuitive mobile experiences.

Then, top it off, traditional IT infrastructure is heavily capital intensive, with most IT budgets going towards servicing operations. Making it difficult for airlines to compete, grow, innovate and remain agile in an increasingly competitive world.  

Our Proposal: Migrate to the Cloud

Our solution is to scrap your antiquated systems and free up CapEx on your major investments. 

This will allow you to shift to an OpEx model, where it will result in better, more effective cash flow management, especially in highly cash-tight economies.

And finding the necessary budget becomes much easier once you begin your journey from a CapEx investment to an OpEx spend. Especially where costs surrounding compute, storage and even maintenance are concerned.  

If this shift from a CapEx investment to an OpEx model seems like your cup of tea, then your number one priority should be to migrate to the cloud and decommission your onsite architecture.

This will help move you from capital investments to a pay-as-you-use model. Which allows you to save on a variety of expenses including electrical and maintenance costs, network fixes, storage devices, facilities, associated software and system refreshes. 

Your goal should be to lift as much of your onsite hardware infrastructure to the cloud on a like-for-like basis. 

Every process should match with your cloud provider’s offerings to get the absolute best out of hyperscale computing.

Other than the benefit of reduced operational costs, you’re able to:

  • Get more utility out of your infrastructure.
  • Reduce downtimes and system failures through network load stabilisation and reduction. 
  • Improve hardware utilisation, where resources that don’t get any use can go through instant de-provisioning.

And what you do see, then, is up to a 60% reduction in your infrastructure investments as it gets shifted to an OpEx model, so that you’re paying it on a monthly basis.

How To Get There…

It’s simple: through us.

Our cloud experts can shift you to the cloud in a matter of no time.

Take a look at our WTF in Aviation ebook series for more on how to take your airline to the cloud.

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