WTF in Aviation: Getting The Basics Right (Pt. 2)

The WTF in Aviation: 365 Days to Digital Transformation checklist series contains the secrets to unprecedented growth and scale within the airline sector. It’s your comprehensive list of the right areas to focus on so that your airline is able to make a complete and successful digital transformation… within a year.

A quick reminder: Aviation took one of the hardest and most unforgettable tackles in history. 

Our previous piece on getting explosive revenue through cloud migration leads comfortably into this next one. It’s all about dealing with the looming demand and your ability to auto scale. Yes, there’s more on the cloud.

Part 2: Delightful Passenger Experiences

The Challenge: Unnerving Demand

Travel restrictions are easing, so traffic to booking pages will become increasingly sporadic and immense. 

The result?

Much higher demand and aggressive spikes in sales. Simply put – much more traffic.

While it might sound exactly like what airlines are in need of right now, most on-prem infrastructures tend to be incapable of handling extreme volumes of traffic.

This also means that airlines require their platforms to manage far more passenger journeys for less investment, while ensuring less downtime. The big problem sits in legacy infrastructure and software, where there’s no shortage of system failures, crashes and issues.

Whether you’re dealing with system failures that restrict takeoffs or outdated air traffic management architectures, legacy systems have shocking failure rates and are highly susceptible to error.

Modern culture is driven by uninterrupted, on-demand immediacy. 

There is an expectation for reliable customer service and instant access to data at all times. Or, you risk losing out to the competition.  

System downtime ultimately prevents passengers from receiving what they want and expect. And if your airline doesn’t meet those expectations? Other than the losses, there are a guaranteed number of customers that will not hesitate to take their business elsewhere. 

And there’s always a competitor waiting to lure them in with working technology that gives them what they want and expect, when they want and expect it.

The risks are too long to list. But think of the lost time, and as a result, major losses in revenue. To top it off, your credibility takes on a whole lot of turbulence, as passenger trust has a distinct correlation with server crashes and system downtime.

Our Proposal: Auto-Scale Your Infrastructure

Auto-scaling, or automatic scaling, is a cloud computing process where you’re able to automatically provision and scale computational resources based on your demand.

But to reap the true benefits of auto-scaling, you need to migrate to the cloud. With cloud, you pay only for what you use and have virtually unlimited access to tremendous scale and compute power.

You’re able to auto scale your entire infrastructure and provision the necessary resources only when you need it. This saves on electricity, maintenance and other major costs that would have otherwise been spent maintaining on-prem, or server-based, environments. 

Auto-scaling also helps protect against hardware, network and application failures. It also offers greater uptime and availability during unpredictable and temperamental workloads.

The idea is to not be constrained by your own on-prem, on-site capabilities (or lack, thereof). With hyperscale technology and cloud, your ability to scale allows for:

  • Reduced time and cost barriers to feature deployments and system integrations. 
  • Predictable and manageable operational costs.
  • Scalable and elastic capacity  
  • Increased availability  

When there is little to no traffic, you should have the freedom to automatically scale the servers down to just what you need, in order to operate with efficiency and speed. You should also have the convenience of paying for what you use and saving when you don’t use it.

How To Get There…

It’s simple: through us.

Our cloud experts are ready and waiting to hyperscale your enterprise!

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