WTF in Aviation: Getting The Basics Right (Pt. 3)

The WTF in Aviation: 365 Days to Digital Transformation checklist series contains secrets to unprecedented growth and scale; within the airline sector. It’s your comprehensive list of key areas to focus on for your airline to make a complete and successful digital transformation… Within a year.

If you’ve been keeping up with our aviation series, then you already know that both the cloud and auto-scaling are crucial to the success of any given airline.

These two components offer cost-savings, better performance, and illuminate the way to new innovation. Which are all highly attractive options for airlines right now. 

Especially considering all of the recent setbacks to the industry as a whole.

So we’re back at it again with yet another way to get your airline in the best shape possible! Where it has all of the agility, flexibility and resilience to be a driver of success in an increasingly digital world.

Prepare to find out all about deep partnerships and the impact that APIs can have on your eager airline.

The Third Box: Deep Partnerships

The Challenge: Harnessing The Power of Partnerships

Building lasting, symbiotic relationships with loyalty partners becomes an obstacle in and of itself. That’s because partners find it challenging to integrate into legacy platforms to boost loyalty programmes and offer more ancillary services. 

These same legacy platforms sit in silos, running independent of one another.

Leaving areas such as flight booking and scheduling, seating arrangements, ancillary offerings, and even departures as separate business units. This creates friction in offering powerful experiences that drive passenger loyalty, brand integrity and competitiveness.  

To add fuel to the fire, these same airline systems generally cannot expose their own booking services to 3rd party providers in a simple and efficient way.

And with those luxurious legacy systems in place, there is an evident lack of crucial microservice architectures required to consume these valuable APIs. 

The problems keep stacking. These issues compound and create barriers to efficient partnerships and powerful passenger experiences, the threat of less revenue, the risk of decreased agility, and a reduction in overall competitiveness. 

Our Proposal: Implement API Integration

An Application Programming Interface (API) gives your airline the ability to access and process data from a wide variety of sources quickly and efficiently. It stitches applications and services together, allowing for greater collaboration between new partners, customers and even competitors.

APIs allow you to integrate countless features into your website or app. Which provides your users with the opportunity to book flights and access different flight/ancillary data with efficiency and simplicity. 

By using APIs, you passively improve customer experiences and enhance partner relationships through relevant external data-sharing. 

Plus, with compliance around things like data privacy, such as GDPR in the EU, APIs are capable of extracting and disseminating data that is correct and in harmony with any and all regulations. 

There are numerous reasons for you to build a robust data architecture and baseline API management platform to ignite your journey towards comfortable integration with 3rd party providers.

The benefits of APIs are endless, as you:

  • Improve customer reach.
  • Enhance collaboration and data sharing with partners.
  • Transform and refine remarkable passenger journeys.

Data accessibility should be your first priority. With vast amounts of data flooding in, your APIs need a healthy and carefully-engineered data architecture. This is to provide the necessary pipelines to deploy and maintain these APIs. 

Once you’ve got your data in check, you need to clearly establish your API goals, pilot your API projects, deploy them at scale and then manage them.

How To Get There…

We can help you put together your own APIs! 

Whether you need the robust data pipelines. Or specialist knowledge to get your APIs up and running:

Our teams are ready to help.

There are data, software and machine learning engineers to choose from: have your pick! Let us know what you’d prefer.

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