You know you are a rebel technologist if…

You know you are a rebel technologist if…

You know you are a rebel technologist if you find yourself going to work or logging onto your screen with this deep dark hole in your stomach. 

Where all you can think about is how you just don’t want to be here, because it’s going to be filled with a bunch of problems. 

Fires that are on constant repeat. And notes from your team telling you how burnt out, tired, and disenchanted they are. 

You know you are a rebel technologist if… 

… You lie awake at night, pondering on all the activities that happen in the day. 

And you see one clear thing. It’s all on repeat. 

The same-old cliched repeats around the same problems that happen day in and day out. Yet, you have 1000 ideas on how to solve these problems, but unsure of how to find the time, resources, and budgets to do it. 

That deep dark feeling is key To Starting Your Journey

You know you’re a rebel technologist if you are reading, consuming and digesting everything that’ll show you some glint of direction to get from where you are now, to the ultimate dream of being a true technologist.

The type of technologist that builds wonderful technology to solve profound customer problems. The type that is agile and continuously finding solutions, because problems are permanent and always changing. 

And the type that is able to convert those tech solutions into real value propositions.

If you can relate to some of these feelings and have a desire to create change, then you’re a rebel technologist at heart.

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