You want to build a culture of innovation? You want to disrupt yourself digitally? Right?

(maybe even quicker now that we have the Corona Virus!)

But there?s a lot more to this.

You can?t just rebuild the house without redesigning and rebuilding the foundation. Obvious, right!

To innovate, you have to redesign how your data works, rebuild it in a modern way to create real-time applications and insights. Opening up innovation around your ability to respond in real-time.

Think about it. Do Google maps give you traffic feedback 20 minutes after arriving or buffer when you use it?

No. Google builds its maps on a solid data foundation.

And that?s Step One. Rebuilding your data so that you can use it to drive innovation!

Step two is to redesign your process, workflows, automating mundane tasks that don?t need humans ? or take humans too long do.

The gains will bring losses. Yet it does mean your staff can elevate themselves to more meaningful, creative work that adds more profound value. Work that inspires them to do more.

And only then, will the way you work change! And talking of change, a closing thought:

If all you are doing is changing the way people do things, chances are good; it?s not innovation or digital disruption. It?s just a change management program. It?s something business have been doing before we went exponential.

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Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF and co-host on the ThinkWTF Podcast. I focus on helping business build systems to respond to exponential change and thrive. You can book my keynotes on WTF Keynotes

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