Making AI Work Podcast #006 – Avsharn Bachoo

“The easiest way to get your A.I. and ML strategy off the ground is to follow a well-defined pattern. It’s important to, first and foremost, identify the problem that you are solving for. Because many people, again, simply follow the hype and the buzz.”

An exciting episode, as we sit with Avsharn Bachoo, CIO of Comair Ltd and discuss the impact (as well as the secrets) of digital transformation in airlines. Avsharn is a technology strategist with specialist knowledge in areas such as digital transformation, big data analytics, DevOps, and enterprise architecture. 

Industry Potential & A Turbulent Take-off

“…the industry [airline] itself is absolutely ripe for innovation and new thinking and fresh thinking”.

“…However, it has been volatile. About a month after joining, the airline went straight into business rescue and overall, the industry has had its ups and downs over the last two years”.

The Secret Sauce To Start Digital Transformation

“…most organisations try and predict the future. And then based on those predictions, build a very rigid I.T. target-state ecosystem. The secret sauce for me lies in architecture. And you have to use architecture to drive your technology strategy.” 

Very similar to building a house. You have to start with that target-state blueprint. So that you don’t enter through the lounge or the bathroom… Many organisations jump simply and straight into doing the job without actually having that target-state architecture”.

Data Being Fit-For-Purpose

“…In terms of data itself, it’s one of those multifaceted toolbox concepts. And the definition is contextual, depending on the type of problems that needs to be solved”.

“I think it’s important to put that out there, because there’s so much buzz and fads around data. As long as you have that multifaceted toolbox approach, it makes it much easier to approach data for an organisation.”

Cleaning & Gleaning Data, The Importance of Cloud and More!

This episode is packed with powerful information to help you get an idea of where to start on your digital transformation journey. 

It’s truly worth a listen.

Also, please feel free to share any thoughts, comments or ideas with us.

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The Value Of AI In A Successful Airline!

Airlines that differentiate themselves from the rest understand the data behind the passenger experience that they provide.

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The Value Of AI In A Successful Airline!​