Making AI Work Podcast #007 – Debanjan Chaudhuri

“…Also the main thing is integration of chatbots. For instance, integrating it with business applications, using APIs… that is where the magic lies in general.”

We sat with Chatbot/AI expert at Uniper, Debanjan Chaudhuri, to unpack the use of AI in document understanding and processing, automation in procurement and chatbot integration. Chaudhuri has a deeply embedded passion for neural networks and deep learning architectures to solve different problems relating to natural language processing (NLP).

Document Analysis & Automation

“…what I was talking about is to use AI for document understanding and processing. When I say AI, I mean both computer vision and NLPX… Working in [the] industry, you see a lot of problems coming out.”

“For instance, when people like our procurement colleagues are looking into papers, and manually looking at papers, looking for signatures, etc, I thought, “Hey, we can automate this really well. Because detecting whether there is a signature or not, is relatively easier.”

Chatbot Integration 

“Integration of chatbots. Integrating it with business applications using APIs.. That is where the magic lies in general. For instance, if someone is writing in three languages, you should be able to understand it and guide it.”

“I think this actually adds a lot. For instance, it frees up the time for our colleagues to do the not-so repetitive tasks, but maybe the tasks that matter. [It] adds a lot of value.”

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