3 UX Design Benefits for Business

If you’re strategically using UX design in your business, then you’re certainly on the right path.

Consider the technological landscape that we live in today. We have limitless access to entertainment, education, employment, and much more. All at the touch of a finger.

And while many companies offer modified forms of existing products or services, the biggest difference is in how each platform or service is packaged and presented to the public. 

That big difference lies in UX design.

UX (User Experience) design is becoming increasingly popular in organisations of all shapes and sizes. And that’s because any product or service that reaches a customer or client needs to be optimised further than it’s presentation.

Therefore, more attention should be paid to how a product or service is being used. 

Rather than how it looks.

Why UX Design?

Strategic and well-orchestrated UX design exists all around us. Think of Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google. What do they all have in common?

A customer-centered approach. 

To understand whether or not something works efficiently, the customer needs to be considered from all angles. Customers make the purchase. Customers use the product/service.

So every move, from beginning to end, needs to have the customer’s best interest at heart.

Traditionally, businesses have been overly prescriptive. It was the company that decides what should be given and at which standard. The customer left to deal with their own questions, complaints, issues and frustrations. 

That’s no longer the case. Especially considering that customer expectations are steadily rising. And even more so for millennials. 

More facts?

A 2018 study on customer service expectations showed that:

  • After just one bad customer experience, 1 in 4 (26%) people would change companies.
  • Good customer experiences resulted in 80% of people recommending a company to a friend or colleague.
  • For companies with good customer service, 68% of customers would pay more for products or services.

3 Big Benefits of UX Design

It’s clear that every interaction that a customer has with your brand is essential to the user experience. 

And considering the fact that digital transformation is on the rise, with AI and ML offering a vast array of innovation and versatility, it would be wise to consider the benefits that come with implementing UX design in your business.

Essentially, what every source of information will tell you about UX design is that it will:

Increase Customer Conversions

The name of the game is to have a healthy flow of valuable and loyal customers. But with huge, mounting competition, it makes it increasingly difficult to lure in and acquire them.

A meticulous and well-planned user journey uses the right psychological principles to attract, convince and convert customers. 

Through engineered design, you’re able to offer intuitive features, pleasing experiences, dopamine releases and a more trusting relationship. 

Get this: You can see an increase in conversion rates of up to 75% by simply fixing minor UX issues.

Help You Cut Back On Costs (Huge ROI)

More and more businesses are building their own apps and software for customers and employees. Be it internal or external. They’re also crafting user-friendly websites and developing content that drives more customer engagement. 

All of that means ongoing investment in software engineers, web developers, and more. 

Huge amounts of time and money end up wasted on using the wrong people to execute specialised work. The people that build the apps do exactly that. Build apps. 

The expectation for a software engineer to map out a fluid and meticulous customer journey is problematic. It’s like asking surgeons to do construction work.

UX designers will come in to research, analyse, map out and test the entire journey. From start to finish. And by using them during the design stage of any project, you avoid far more usability issues, ensure smoother prototyping and a well-rounded end product.

The most important thing to know is that of the ROI that comes from hiring a UX designer. According to Forbes, “… every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%”.

Improve Productivity

UX design doesn’t solely focus on the needs of the customer. It extends far beyond that. 

Think, internal. Where employees can benefit from fluid and effective experiences to inspire and improve their output. 

Reward and engagement systems become vital to the productivity of employees. All of which can be integrated into an efficient and fluid user interface that staff have an easier time engaging with.

If it’s more pleasant to engage with, staff will be far more motivated to do what’s needed.

By investing in UX, you’re able to cut back on mistakes and help streamline many of the processes that take up valuable time. According to JumpStory, “A great UI/UX system can also lessen errors and promote a smoother workflow for employees”.

Start Considering a UX-Driven Business Today

UX design is growing into a powerful catalyst for greater success, resilience and brand integrity. It’s safe to say that it is a worthwhile investment for businesses of any size, shape or form.

So where do you find reliable, certified UX professionals that can bring about these big benefits?

The answer is simple: With us. 

We offer UX Design with a twist! 

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