3 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Fails

Why digital transformation fails

With the massive leaps in technology over the last 10 years, many industries are going through a transformation that will see almost every business become digital natives. Becoming a digital native means applying and adopting the philosophies, engagement processes and the fundamental tools that our current technological infrastructure offers the world of business, politics, healthcare … Read more

5 Big Benefits Of AI In The Energy Sector

AI in the utility sector

Incorporating AI into different industries isn’t exactly a quick and easy process. While careful consideration has to be made around the pitfalls and challenges that come with this emerging technology, industries like the energy sector are still both conservative and reluctant to embrace all that it has to offer. And as ready as society might … Read more

AI Growth In The UK Financial Services Industry!

architectural photography of city buildings

As more and more industries embrace artificial intelligence, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that AI’s impact on growth and development is a fruitful one. Especially in banking! Some of the largest banks have already taken the initiative to implement AI. They are using it in their front- and back-of-house operations and reaping the benefits. Not to … Read more

5 Critical Reasons Why Airlines Should Own Their Customer Experience

5 Critical Reasons Why Airlines Need To Own Their Customer Experience

The experience that you provide to your customers ultimately determines your success as an organisation. If they walk away with a bad experience, not only do you lose out on recurring revenue, but also credibility. That’s why, as an airline, it’s your responsibility to take ownership of your customer experience. By placing the customer, passenger … Read more

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